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Composer Anup K. Sen has created his musical compositions for the people of all nations, young & old; poor & rich. His vision is that his music will inspire all to become a better person that will create better families; and that his music will inspire all to end unjust social practices that will create better societies, better nations, and thus a better world for all.

Through fun, such as singing or humming and dancing 3-step to his music, that he has named " 21st Century Dance Music", people will focus on embracing moral values, family values, and social values which will remove barriers between people and bring them closer and thus will "Bring The World Together ".

He has written lyrics for some of his compositions with inspirational words which will motivate all to sing and follow his words in their everyday lives. Most of his compositions are songs without word that will encourage people of different nations to hum along with the music or create words in their own language as they will perceive the music from its name. Composer Anup K. Sen hopes that girls & boys; men & women will hold each other and enjoy dancing 3-step to his music.

The following are some illustrations of his musical creations:

  • Composition # 194 Anthem Of The World:
    His written lyric is focussed for the people of all nations to sing together in world gatherings, such as in United Nations and express their acceptance to each other for having differences in religion; color; language etc. In 2006 the Composer has written about this music to UNO; Presidents of USA and India; and others; in 2009 to President Obama and others.

  • Composition #144 World's Prayer:
    His written lyric is focussed for people to show respect to other religions. The lyrics depicts his ideology that we all have same GOD, only he has appeared in different forms in different religions. As if it is a mountain. At the bottom, people of all different faiths are worshipping with their own believes and trying to reach to the top; but whoever reaches the top finds that there is only one GOD, who is everybody's GOD. In 2003 and later the Composer has written about this music to the President of USA; His Holliness Pope of Vatican City; Governors of 50 States in USA & others; in 2009 to President Obama and others.

  • Composition # 165 Make Me The Way & Composition # 156 Stop Injustice ( in Bengali language) are focussed for young people-students to sing at home and in schools. The words will inspire them to do the right things early in their lives and thus to become a good person. In 2004, 2005 the Composer wrote to educators in USA and in West Bengal, India; Congresspersons in USA and others about making these as prayer songs in schools; in 2009 to President Obama and others.

  • Some of his compositions are focussed on moral and some are on family values. Compositions # 64 Love is for ever; #90 Marry for ever; #113 Make your love stronger; #114 Loyalty; #117 Build a strong moral; #118 Honesty; #140 Love; #149 Faithfulness etc.etc. The names of the Compositions represents the qualities people should adopt in order to enjoy a happy and a united family.

  • Composer Anup K. Sen is deeply moved and would like to see that people ends some of the social practices which does not support all human to be equal. As such he created for West Bengal, India a Bengali Album name Unnata Bharat ( Reformed India ) with 6 Bengali songs which addresses these issues and suggests how to change those practices. Also created Compositions #103 Equality, # 104 Abolish Poverty, # 107 All people are colored, no one is really white and others for similar issues which concerns all countries in the world.

The following are details of some of his released albums:

  • Greatest Compositions II through VI, VIII- The Composer playing Keyboard.
  • Greatest Compositions VII - The Composer singing his own written lyrics, narrating his visions.
  • Everybody's Prayer - A group of students singing in Bengali ( India )language.
  • Sing and Dance with Anup K. Sen's Music And Unite This World-Composer is asking all to sing along and learn how to dance with "21st Century Dance Music".
  • Album in Bengali, India Language-Unnata Bharat-The Composer singing his own written lyrics, narrating his visions.

  • o   Also there are other albums which have been released by Hollywood recording companies.

Greatest Compositions ( II )-
CDs & Cassettes- Instrumental Music- 4 Compositions :
# 126-Collegiate, # 123-Wedding, # 116-Father, # 82-Meeting of the minds.
Greatest Compositions VI
Greatest Compositions III -
Cassettes - Instrumental Music- 7 Compositions :
# 21-Fully bonded, # 25-My music, # 32-Women like you, # 64-Love is for ever, # 83-It is a memorial day, # 107-Can a widow remarry if a widower can, # 130-People of the world.
Greatest Compositions IV -
CDs- Instrumental Music- 10 Compositions :
# 140-Love, # 129-Give me one more time, # 128-Graduate, # 137-Life, # 131-Calcutta, # 133-Friends, # 117-Build a strong moral, # 84-On my birthday,
# 36-Engagement ring, # 11-And my soul.
Greatest Compositions V -
CDs- Instrumental Music- 10 Compositions :
# 163-Content, # 158-Sharing, # 152- When I see you, # 144- World's prayer,
# 156-Stop injustice, # 143-World worships same God, # 109-All people are colored, no one is really white, # 108- Hug untouchables, # 69-My heart is full with you, # 38-As you are leaving.
Greatest Compositions VII Bring The World Together
Greatest Compositions VI -
CDs- Instrumental Music- 10 Compositions :
# 218-Again say good-bye, # 209-Daughter's wedding, # 150- Tranquility, # 149-Faithfulness, # 127-Abolish terrorists, # 125- Fountains, # 90-Marry for ever, # 79-Melancholy, # 55-I want to thank you, # 26-My creation.
Greatest Compositions VII "Bring The World Together"-
CDs-6 Songs,narratives & Lyrics-English (only #156 in Bengali ):
# 194-Anthem of the world, # 144-World's prayer, # 129-Give me one more time, # 165-Make me the way, # 186-I want to dance all night, #156-Stop injustice.
Everybody's Prayer -
VCD- One chorus song- in Bengali ( India ) language:
# 156-Stop injustice.
Everybodys Prayer
Greatest Compositions VIII -
CDs- Instrumental Music- 10 Compositions :
# 243-Famine, # 236-Dignity of labor needed in India, # 232-My music will change world for better, # 217-For all here, I pray, # 171-Jewish festival, # 139 Independence, # 113-Make your love stronger, # 102-A new millennium, # 78-Heartbreaker, # 37-My valentine.
Sing And Dance With Anup K. Sen's Music And Unite This World - DVD-2 Disks : 6 Songs for Singing Along ; provided lessons-How To Dance Box Step, Forward Step,Turn Step with “21st Century Dance Music, created by the Composer. Total 2 hours 44 minutes: Volume 1 of 2- Sessions 1, 2, 3- 1 hour 21 minutes; Volume 2 of 2- Sessions 4, 5, 6- 1 hour 23 minutes ( Year 2010 ). anup-sing-dance-dvd
Unnata Bharat -
CDs- 6 Songs in Bengali, India Language, with Introductions :
#253-Natun Bharat, # 252-Dowry, # 251-Shishu, # 250- Adarsha Lok, # 156-Stop Injustice, # 108- Hug Untouchables (Year 2016-2017).

Composer Anup K. Sen has created 250 musical compositions and all are based on the rhythm 1,23 1,23 1,23 for 3-Step dancing that he has named " 21st Century Dance Music ". A family event - people will gather to sing along and dance. Composer believes that by promising to follow the words of his lyrics and by committing to change some social practices that he has indicated in the titles of some compositions, we can : unite the people of - all religions, all races, all skin colors; bring-equality for all and an everlasting peace in this world.

His vision is that, for many years to come, all over the world, his musical compositions will be played by Orchestras where people will be able to sing or hum and dance to his music; will be played in radios and other audio stations that would enable people to sing or hum along with the music; will be played in videos and television stations that would enable people to learn and dance along with his music; and will be played in schools and worship centers, with his inspirational words projected on the screen, that would enable all to pray with his music.

Composer Anup K. Sen hopes that his music will be inspirational and enjoyable for all and that it will "BRING THE WORLD TOGETHER".

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Anup K. Sen

Composer of " 21st Century Dance Music " & Song Writer

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